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MineralRabbit tagged me in one of these silly things where you talk about yourself! There are some rules but I'm not going to follow them precisely, the jist of it is that you write 10 things about yourself and then tag 10 people. But I don't think I'll tag too many people (or now I'm thinking about it, anyone) because I think that either a) MineralRabbit already tagged the people I know especially well on here or b) the people who she didn't tag have already done something like this that I've seen.

SO, you're just going to get some facts about me. Ready?

1! I've lived in Maine for most of my life. But next year there may be some radical movement for me when I go to university in England!

2) My education history is kind of varied. Despite never having gone through a significant move in my conscious life, I've switched school systems three times. (I'm such a troublemaker; no, not really, I must just be restless.) I started in a Montessori School for primary and elementary school (through 5th grade), which was tiny and different than normal school, more freedom and all that. Then I switched to my town's public school for grades 6 through 9, which was alright, made some good friends, got a little bored. So I switched to a boarding high school called the Maine School of Science and Math way up in middle-of-nowhere northern Maine for the last three years of high school. It was actually kind of a blast. Difficult but fun. Now I've graduated!

3) Speaking of MSSM, I love science and math.

4) Particularly physics, which I had the pleasure of meeting formally this past year of school. <3 (And I also have a love-hate relationship with math; I love it, but it's hard because sometimes I feel like it hates me. :P)

5) I also quite enjoy artsy-type things, though! Just as a hobby (clearly), but I do lots of things besides the half-formed drawings you see here; I've irregularly gone to a fiber arts class for the past five years or so, which is fun. I like felting and making weird stuffed animals. I also enjoy photography, but I'm VERY MUCH an amateur.

6) Besides being mathsy and sciencey, I like to think I'm pretty geeky in other ways; I get obsessed with things really easily and I enjoy video games, cartoons, sci-fi, those sorts of things.

7) Speaking of video games, I actually was pretty into World of Warcraft at one point in my life. Fun fact: That's where the name "Mhaladie" came from! The first person to use the nickname "Mhals" with me was a friend of mine on there who went by "Alylora"; most people called me "Mhal" if they knew me, but she was a bff of mine on there, so she stuck the "s" on for added cuteness. I liked it. I stuck with it.

8) Despite all that video game history, I'm actually really bad at them for the most part.

9) Other things I'm really bad at: running. This might just be me making excuses for myself, but I feel that my natural cardiovascular endurance is much poorer then the average person. XD

10) I'm not bad at ALL sports, though! I'm quite an adept downhill skier.

And we're done! Well that was fun. I think I like talking about myself a little too much. Hopefully I didn't bore you terribly, if you made it this far!


(but you can call me Mhals)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A physicist (not really: just a student) who likes to draw for the lulz. And who likes a lot of things! I probably would like you. So say hello.


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